The Art of Media. etc.

"Leg crushed and then eaten by a mutated Boa Constrictor… Make good art." Neil Gaiman

Image Project

This is the first project for Media Arts, I chose the Richard Hamilton piece.

This is the original –

 This is my finished piece – 



I used a B&W picture of Clara Bow as my base, and built colour and layers on top. 





Popping the Cherry (First day in Media Arts)

I was running a bit late this morning but was able to easily slide into the lecture, although the door squeaked outrageously…

It was mostly an intro/info lecture for the subject, we went over the outline and assessment tasks. To be honest I though this would be more English focused, but after learning otherwise I’m even more excited about this subject. I don’t really have the courage to purposely enrol in an Art subject even though I love and pursue it in my own time.

The tutorial was a great icebreaker, and it helped that the group is small. We went through some drawing exercises, Im dubious about my own talent, but considering someone actually GOT ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ in pictionary gives me some hope…

The second half focused on setting up our blogs, and discussing what we would post there. Such as an update on our lecture and tutorial each week, as well as our own content. This will include various media and our thoughts/views/descriptions of them.

So wish me luck 😉


Neil Gaiman