Atmosphere Project

by rllyon2013

Ruth Lyon and Chloe Vincent – Atmosphere Project

Ruth Lyon – Video

The idea for our project came from ‘Outside’. Outside of humanity, what exactly defines humanity and separates us from other animals. Is it that we are not bound wholly by our instincts, that we can do other than eat, play, sleep, and copulate. Our ability to reason is what sets us apart, but at what cost? ‘Humanity’ is capable of the worst atrocities, Genocide, War, Famine, Abuse. There is such a chasm between peoples good intentions and reality, and that is what we wanted to show in this project. The juxtapose of “Intent Vs Reaction”. In the second ‘space’ lecture there was a segment on ‘Voyager‘- The Interstellar Mission. It seemed to be the epitome of good intent, the golden record on board was a beautiful compilation of images, sounds, and directions to our planet for any life forms that may come across it. I took this as our “Intent” section and then found images of the darker side of humanity. The riots, violent crime, war, and bigotry that is so prevalent in our little world, these images made up the “Reaction” section. Interspersed between the images was our message, using a black background and white font.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.20.00 PM

After searching for a program that would allow me the freedom to make what I envisioned I eventually settled on Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and downloaded the trail version. For such a powerful program it is relatively easy to use and was soon able to start editing together the video. I decided to make it similar to the classic ‘brainwash’ videos, with flashing images and a subliminal message. Using the zoom tool (Z) and selection tool (V) I was able to shorten the duration of each image.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.36.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.37.57 PM

Once the images were in the order I wanted, voyager images dispersed between the more violent, and played for the correct duration I contacted Chloe for the audio segment of the project.

Chloe sent me her rough version of the audio and after watching the video and listening to the audio we worked together to fit the two together. Chloe used Audible to create and edit the track and then converted it to a format compatible with Adobe Premium Pro CC.

We had some problems finding a room for the presentation, the room was not what we had hoped for, and so we had to adjust how we presented the project. We decided to treat the presentation like a first day seminar for new government employees, and to inject a little humour. The room was dark, the only light from the projector, we placed bleach and ammonia around the room. At the front of the room we had a corpse laying directly in front of the screen with a white sheet over it and a toe tag on the exposed feet. At the end of the seminar, run by an overworked government employee, each attendee was given a survey. (Survey51) In keeping with the idea of abnormal as ordinary workplace, our take on area 51, it contained questions that were seemingly bizarre but strangely sinister.

Unfortunately the version below was slightly altered when uploaded to YouTube, and I was unable to add the video to the blog any other way…